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What Others Are Saying About Weatherly Inn


    "Surprise about all the functions and utilities. Everything is so clean."

    Bob B.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "The Weatherly Inn is a lovely place for many reasons, mainly for the staff which constantly treat their residents with the Love and respect that is so lacking in our society and other facilities. Through the years I have known many friends or family of residents who have thrived by living at this wonderful place they call home."

    David C

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "The Weatherly Inn is a first-class facility. It is obvious that the staff at the Weatherly care deeply for their residents."

    Gayel J.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "It is the best facility that I’ve found."

    Bill L.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "A friendly place full of friendly people."

    Merle W.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "Everything has been a pleasant surprise."

    Carrie R.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "To me, this whole place is a neighborhood and everyone is a friend. I tell them how hard the caregivers work here — it shows. When you are a resident, you see it. I respect the people here. They have my utmost respect."

    Joan D.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "Very nice place, and clean in all areas."

    Lola L.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma

    "My caregiver canvassed 16 Retirements. This place came out on top!"

    Susan S.

    Weatherly lnn Tacoma