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Understanding Senior Independent Living Costs in 5 Steps

    Usually, the first concern when searching for senior independent living is cost. But, with the right planning, independent living can be affordable for many seniors.
    Use our Financial Comparison Planner for a good starting point.
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    Step 1

    Begin with a clear picture of your financial resources – your income and assets, and any benefits you may be eligible for such as life insurance (cashing out a policy,  selling a policy, or converting life insurance), long-term care insurance, VA benefits, selling or renting out your home, a bridge loan or a reverse mortgage loan. A Senior Living Advisor can help you understand and explore these options. 

    Step 2

    Find out the going rate of rent for an apartment at the senior independent living community of your choice. Find out what amenities are included in the rent. Some independent living communities charge extra for meals, housekeeping, and transportation.


    At Weatherly Inn, we have an all-inclusive approach. This means seniors are served three meals a day in our dining room. We even arrange for live music entertainment to make the dining experience extra special. The food is good, too! In the mornings, you can always get a cappuccino and a pastry in The Cove Cafe while you read the daily newspaper. We also take care of other details; our concierge service is available throughout the day to book a ride to the grocery store, go out with friends, or be driven to a doctor’s appointment.


    In fact, senior independent living costs seem far more affordable when taking into consideration the costs of living outside a senior living community: your food budget for the month, home maintenance, security, insurance, energy bills, and all the other costs associated with owning a home or even renting an apartment or condo.

    Step 3 

    Now, jot down the extra costs that you’re likely to incur at a senior independent living community. This may vary widely – from pet care to salon services – and will depend on your budget and personal preferences. 

    Step 4

    From here you can establish a budget and work to eliminate some options that are below or above your price range.

    Step 5

    We believe the senior independent living experience should always be about choice, friendship, and surroundings that feel like home. We would be glad to speak with you about senior independent living and the various options available to you.  Before you select a community, make sure you understand how the costs might change if your loved one's need for care changes. If Assisted Living is needed, can you still make it work financially? Be sure you are familiar with a community’s included amenities as well as the potential cost of care. 

    Contact us and a Senior Living Advisor will get in touch soon!