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You're the Best!

September 23, 2016



“Winning takes talent, to repeat it takes character.” -Coach John Wooden

It happened again! For the second year in a row, readers of Showcase Magazine published by Showcase Media’s Robyn Lucas, voted us the “Best of Retirement and Senior Living.” If Coach Wooden is to be believed, then Weatherly Inn must have some talent as well as some character. We certainly work at it, anyway.

Many have asked, “What makes you different?” The answer can be found in a thousand details from our purpose built environments to our high standards of service. But ask our President and CEO, Alex Bunn, and he’ll tell you, “It’s the people.” While there are a myriad of components that make a senior living community run smoothly Alex contends it’s the business of “people serving people.” You can see it on display e
veryday in each of our communities: from the family of owners to the front line staff each member of the Weatherly team aims to know every resident by name as well as their life stories.

The “Best Of” Showcase Award is selected by the readers of the magazine, however. That means the family environment cultivated in our communities must be appreciated beyond the doors of our senior living communities. Maybe that is because we attend to our network of professional and community relationships with as much care as our resident relationships. We strive to make everyone who comes into contact with us a part of the Weatherly family:  the mail carrier, service providers, and the neighbors on our street.

Coach Wooden knew something about winning. He was one of the winningest coaches in sports history. Weatherly Inn espouses one of the values he shared his teams, “Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference.” So maybe the reason our community selected us as “The Best of” is simply because we look for every opportunity to show we care.

So here’s to you, friends! Thanks for noticing that we care. We think you’re the best, too.

Your Guide to Finding the Right Senior Living for Your Loved Ones

Finding the right senior living for your loved ones to call home can feel overwhelming. We believe it's our job to make that task a little bit easier.

That's why we created a simple guide to help you start the conversation.

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