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Staying Fit: The 5 Best Aerobics for Seniors


July 25, 2019

Senior Living

BY Karla Shaw

Aerobic classes are a fun and important part of any exercise program for older adults. Participating in aerobics for seniors can provide health benefits like increasing your range of motion, reducing blood pressure and stress, and aiding in weight loss.

At Weatherly Inn, we’ve found that aerobics classes can aid senior citizens in creating a sense of community, value, and purpose in addition to improving physical health. Additionally, the increased upper body and lower body strength that comes with a regular aerobics exercise routine can help with fall prevention.

In this post, we've compiled some of the best aerobic exercises you can use to increase physical activity, get your heart rate up, and live your best life.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to increase your range of motion and reduce stress. Because yoga integrates deep stretching with mindfulness, it is a great holistic option for seniors that has direct physical and mental health benefits.

yoga for seniors

2. Chair Fit

Similar to Zumba Gold, chair fit offers a combination of dance and aerobic exercise. The low-intensity workout helps tone the whole body while benefiting the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Aside from being a great full-body workout, the movement and music make Chair Fit a vibrant and fun activity for all to enjoy.

Chair fitness for seniors

3. Low Impact

In order for aerobic exercise to be effective, it doesn't have to be high-impact. Low-impact exercises help protect joints while offering many of the same health benefits. Typically beginner-friendly, low-impact exercises are a great starting point in building healthy rhythms of exercise. They can be a great way to warm up for more rigorous excise as well.

Low impact exercising for seniors

4. Dance Cardio

Dance cardio exercises are a fun way to burn calories, increase heart rate, and stay active. This is ideally a non-threatening, fun, and energetic environment that can break up the monotony or intimidation of traditional workout routines.

dance cardio for seniors

5. Water Aerobics

Water aerobics or any aquatic workout can be a great way to strengthen your muscles without putting lots of strain on your joints. This is a particularly great option if you experience joint pain.

water aerobics for seniors

Weatherly Inn currently offers Yoga, Chair Fit, regular morning exercise classes, a monthly Relaxation and Massage class, and updates wellness programs regularly.. We also have a fully operational 24 hour fitness center on-site for your convenience!


When you schedule a tour at Weatherly Inn today, ask about seeing or participating in an aerobics class during your visit!