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My Favorite Places


October 28, 2016 BY Weatherly Inn


What’s your favorite place? One of my new favorite places is the “Den” at Weatherly Inn in Tacoma. It feels so warm and inviting. I’m especially fond of the comfortably worn leather wingback chairs by the fireplace. It would be the perfect place to gather with your family on Christmas Day to open presents. One of our favorite people, Ralph Munro, is featured on a new television program on TVW called My Favorite Places. Ralph served as Washington's Secretary of State from 1980-2000, and these short, compelling videos highlight some of his favorite historic places in our beautiful state.

Alex Bunn, CEO of Weatherly Inn, was approached by TVW’s Paul Jackson about becoming a sponsor of the new show. Aware of Ralph’s connection to Weatherly Inn, Jackson thought it might be a great opportunity. Of course we agreed. It’s not just that Ralph is part of the Weatherly Inn family, it’s also because he represents a generation of Washingtonians who helped build the Pacific Northwest we know and love today. And their stories are worth remembering.

We chose to support My Favorite Places to honor the history of the great people, including our residents, who have made our communities what they are today.


Long-term memories of the people and places of our early life tend stay with us. Reminiscing about the past can be a great way to connect with someone with memory loss in a meaningful way. Sharing these memories is a great way for families and staff to connect with residents, exercise the mind, and share moments of joy. And that's another reason we like My Favorite Places and anything that brings the past alive again. In fact, we do this by design in all of our communities. The vintage decor, photographs, and even a restored ’48 Dodge help bring those feelings of comfort we get from good memories. It’s often called “nostalgia therapy”.

So watch My Favorite Places and enjoy Ralph Munro riding a roller coaster at the Puyallup Fair or introducing you to the Frenchtown Memorial. Indulge your nostalgia. Even plan a weekend trip. And if you are nearby, drop in to visit one of the Weatherly Inn communities… where it’s home and your family.