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A Digital Walk-Through of Weatherly Inn’s Senior Living communities

When daily activities start feeling like a burden, or you need a little more help around the house than you used to, you might start wondering what an assisted living community could offer you. The answer: peace of mind. Of all the types of senior living communities, assisted living is the most balanced mix of independence and professional care you can find.

In assisted living, residents retain as much independence as they please while still receiving the assistance they need. You can choose your living quarters, set your own daily schedule, and attend social activities. There are options for every level of care, from minimal to memory care, so you’re sure to find the right balance.

So Much More Than a Nursing Home

All senior living communities should strive to show the utmost care and attention to their residents. Many places, Weatherly Inn included, keep a licensed nursing staff on-site 24/7, so residents know they’re always in good hands. How these places show it, however, might differ based on their services.

Assisted living communities are far different from your average nursing home. Many nursing homes might feel more like a hospital than a home because they need to be able to administer more serious medical care. Assisted living is designed to feel more like home — comfortable, accessible, and enjoyable. Weatherly Inn takes this task to heart and works hard to design all of their apartments and common areas to be warm and inviting. It’s more than a place for care services; it’s a vibrant community where you can enjoy your golden years.

Like most senior living communities, assisted living can help with various chores and activities of daily living. Everything from medication management to laundry services, and even help getting dressed or toileting is taken care of by a professional staff member. By helping to address your care needs, assisted living communities can lessen your daily stress, increase your independence, and leave you extra time to do what you love.

The Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living

In your search for long-term care services, you've probably come across many different options, such as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), retirement homes, independent living, and assisted living. Of these, you might have noticed that independent living communities and assisted living communities seem incredibly similar. You’re right! The two are alike, but have some core differences as well. So let’s take a closer look at each one.

  • Independent living can be described as moving into a supervised apartment complex. You can choose your living situation but also have access to all the group amenities and activities. At Weatherly Inn, independent living residents can keep their own cars on campus and come and go as they please. This is a great option if you’re looking to downsize your home or ready to relinquish the daily chores around the house and desire a living situation more suited to your newer lifestyle.

weatherly in residence

Weatherly Inn residents enjoying time together in are lovely apartment homes

  • Assisted living usually fits better for people who need higher levels of long-term care. You still have the benefit of choosing your living quarters and working with caregivers to establish a care plan, but you may need more frequent nurse visits or help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Many people in assisted living will opt to add a meal plan to enjoy all their meals in the dining room with their friends and not worry about preparing their own food. There’s even free transportation at Weatherly Inn for assisted living residents who no longer drive their own vehicle.

Weatherly Inn Transportation

Weatherly Inn Staff Member Taking a Resident to an Appointment

If you’re not sure which senior living community is best for you, you can contact the community and ask for a tour. Weatherly Inn is proud to offer an array of assisted and independent living communities at all of its locations. Whether you live in Tacoma, Kent, or Renton (coming soon), our talented staff can help you develop a personalized care plan for you or your family member.

We specialize in top-quality care by creating a caring culture in our halls. Our licensed nurses are available round the clock for routine check-ins or emergency services. We also offer plenty of events for our assisted living residents to help them get to know each other and enjoy some socialization every day.

Assistance With Activities of Daily Living

One of the benefits of being in an assisted living community is having access to licensed nurses who can help with ADLs. Most long-term care insurance policies define these activities as eating, bathing, getting dressed, continence, and successfully maneuvering on the toilet, but at Weatherly Inn, we know they’re so much more than that.

In our mind, activities of daily living also include overall well-being and personal dignity. Our skilled staff is trained to help with all the basics, but also to take you to campus events and help you enjoy group activities. We even have a handicap-accessible bus, so no one is left behind for special outings. Senior living doesn’t have to be boring when our nursing care professionals are there to help.

Some of our nurses are specially trained to help those with specific diseases too. For example, we have staff members who can help our diabetic residents monitor their blood sugar and administer insulin as well as a special diet the kitchen can prepare for you to support your good health.

Outstanding Amenities

Weatherly Inn Fitness CenterWeatherly Inn Provides a Fitness Center for Residence to Maintain Good Health

Weatherly Inn AmenitiesWeatherly Inn Recreation Room 

It’s no surprise that time outdoors can contribute to overall wellness, which is why Weatherly Inn puts so much energy into maintaining their outdoor courtyards. Senior living communities should always have a peaceful space for residents to enjoy nature or a path for walking groups to traverse during the day. At Weatherly, these outdoor spaces are even used to host weekly happy hours, BBQs, open-air markets, and other community events.

Tacoma-EntranceWeatherly Inn Tacoma Outdoor Courtyard 

A major perk of senior housing for some people is an on-site beauty salon. If you love to be pampered from time to time or prefer someone else to do your hairstyling, the Weatherly Inn beautician will add you to her schedule. While your friends wait for you to finish, they might head down to the community coffee shop and sip on a scrumptious cup of joe.

Resident hairstylingWeatherly Inn Resident Hairstyling

Another thing you could be looking for in a care community is a religious space. Weatherly Inn has an on-site chapel with a staff Chaplin where residents can spend some quiet time reflecting, praying, or simply sitting in silence. These can be areas of comfort and calm during difficult times, or a place to continue religious habits if your loved one is no longer able to attend services.

Comfortable Living Situations That Feel Like Your Own

To feel at home, you have to be comfortable in your living spaces. Some people like lots of room to spread out and host visitors, and others prefer only what they need. Like many senior living communities, Weatherly Inn does its best to accommodate all lifestyles by offering three living options with various floorplans. 

The studio apartment is a great fit for a single person looking to downsize and commit to some minimalism. Starting at a cozy 310 square feet and ranging to a comfortable 460 square feet, these units are perfect if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the community and spend lots of time outside of your room. They even include a kitchenette if you enjoy having some autonomy for your meals.

Tacoma-B-StudioTacoma Location Beautiful Studio Apartment

To feel a little more like you’re still in residential care, you might opt for the more spacious one-bedroom apartment. These have a separate area for your bedroom and bathroom, plus an open living room and small kitchen. They provide ample space to entertain friends and family.  

Tacoma-E-1-Bedroom-768x512Spacious One-bedroom Apartment at Weatherly Inn

If you’re looking for even more space, whether to host your grandchildren or store your cherished possessions, there are even two-bedroom options that go up to a full 940 square feet. The monthly fees for each suite vary by size, so ask a staff member about rates when you visit the community.

Tacoma-H-2-Bedroom-1024x683@2xSpacious Two-bedroom Apartment at Weatherly Inn

Once you’re moved in, you can make your space your own by adding artwork, family photos, or even your favorite furniture. The rooms are all designed to be welcoming and safe for people with all levels of mobility. Plus, our campus is pet-friendly! So bring your beloved pooch with you, and they’ll be just as happy in their new home as you are.

We Also Offer Exceptional and Engaging Memory Care

Another element of elder care is providing assistance to those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your loved one suffers with memory problems, try to focus on care communities that specialize in memory care. Kind caregivers who know the ins and outs of these degenerative diseases can make each day fun and engaging for your family member.

Weatherly Inn is proud to offer families an exceptional memory care program for their relatives at our Tacoma and Kent locations. The program focuses heavily on daily social interactions to stimulate the brain and foster connections with other residents. Whether it’s mild memory issues, Alzheimer’s disease, or late-stage dementia, our program can help to keep your loved one’s mind strong and spirits high. 

Our memory care housing is purposefully designed to comfort residents so they feel at home when they wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. There are also a variety of common areas specially constructed so patients can safely wander and explore without fear of getting lost or becoming disoriented.

As in other senior living communities, our memory care residents are privy to 24/7 licensed nursing staff that specializes in memory problems and are kind, understanding, and compassionate. They can help with ADLs, administering medication, and are available for emergency services as well. We even offer a variety of personal care services to keep you feeling like yourself.

We understand cost can be a decisive factor in choosing high-level care for yourself or your loved one. If you’re worried about carrying the financial burden solely with out-of-pocket funds, consider reaching out to your health care insurance provider. Some care providers, such as Medicaid, will offer financial assistance based on your current plan. Other policies will help with specified long-term services but don’t cover other expenses. Buildings such as our Kent community offer a spend-down program which allows your loved one to be in a safe, supportive environment while you are able to have that safety net planned out down the road if needed. 

See For Yourself

Whether you’re looking for nursing care, memory and medical care, or personal care in senior living communities, it’s always worth it to take a tour of the campus you're considering. After all, reading about a community can be helpful to learn the facts and figures, but there’s no better way to feel the culture than seeing it for yourself. 

If the amenities mentioned in this article piqued your interest, then you’ll enjoy exploring the Weatherly Inn community. Even if you haven’t narrowed down your list of potential communities, viewing our campuses might give you an idea of what you’d like to see in the community you choose. Walking through with a staff member also allows you to ask any questions you might have, meet the residents, and get personalized quotes for services. 

So if you’re interested in selecting a senior living community or just learning about your options, please feel free to reach out. Schedule a tour with us so we can give you an inside look at our thriving community and how we can cater to all your assisted living needs at Weatherly Inn.

June 16, 2021

Your Guide to Finding the Right Senior Living for Your Loved Ones

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