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70 Is the New 50 at Weatherly Inn!


August 29, 2016 BY Weatherly Inn


Weatherly Inn Values Adding Life and Youthfulness to Daily Living for Residents!

Memory Care Tacoma, WA

Red is the new black, vintage is in, and 70 is the new 50. According to Martha Stewart, Bloomberg News, and researchers at Vienna’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), the category of “old age” is passé. The IIASA report concludes that society should measure age by how much life we have left to live. More precisely, researchers state that old age should be categorized as having fifteen or fewer years left to live.

At Weatherly Inn we agree. In fact, it’s our residents that show us how to stay young! Just last month our residents started a swimming club at the Eastside Pool in Tacoma. Jane, one of our swimmers, exclaimed, “I feel great after swimming! I’m trying to get more of my friends to do it.” My response was, “That’s right, Jane, show us how it’s done.” Swimming outings have become so popular that our memory care residents, with the help of our staff and special accessibility tools, are taking a dip as well.

Weatherly Inn Open Air Market

In one recent visit Allie, our CEO’s daughter, took our live-in canine, Lulu, to visit the memory care residents of Magnolia Court at Weatherly Inn, Tacoma. After bringing smiles and laughter to the residents, Allie exclaimed, “We like ‘youngness’ here!” We sure do Allie — we sure do.

In fact celebrating youngness is part of our credo of care. We call it “Spunk: Be full of life.”  Whether it’s our enthusiastic care staff or vibrant activity schedule, we’re adding life to our years. Just like the IIASA states, we want to extend the length of our lives and infuse them with vitality. Our activities and life enrichment team is busy all day every day providing residents with as many opportunities as possible to keep mind, heart, and body young.

This approach to youngness includes memory care residents. We work hard to provide an active memory care environment. A healthy diet, regular physical and mental exercise, music, art, and socializing are proven to slow the progression of dementia. Weatherly Inn memory care teams not only fight the processes of dementia but also create an environment that adds life to everyday living for our residents.

So here’s to the new 50! At Weatherly Inn we strive to make all residents feel like they are 50 again because…it’s home and we’re family.