About Us

Our resident care credo compels us as we continue writing our story.

Weatherly Inn has a strong heritage of pursuing excellence to create a truly unique senior living community. The vintage photographs of our residents that line our hallways at Weatherly Inn beautifully illustrate our values, and these heroes greatly inspire our daily lives. Their stories meld into our story as together, we draft a legend.

Soul: Find the Connection

When we understand you, we are able to provide care in the most meaningful way, and we go to great lengths to get to know our residents, their family members, and guests. Even if circumstances make this challenging, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect

Feel: Make it Inviting

It is no secret that our surroundings are important to us; that, often times, form is just as important as function. We want everything about Weatherly Inn to be of the highest quality—from the comfort of our common rooms, interest of our activity program, appeal of our dining experience, to the professional level of care we provide.

Grit: Welcome Each Challenge

Hard work is to be respected—a characteristic not only of our residents’ generation but also the employees that serve them. Every day presents new opportunities, and as they come, we want to embrace them with courage, creativity, and grace.

Spunk: Be Full of Life

In the dailiness of life together, let’s enjoy it! For if we can’t laugh at ourselves, where is the fun? We will cherish the time we have together and remember each other with fondness when we are apart.